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Prague and cinema

Compared to many other European capitals Prague is very lucky: Its historic center hasn’t been severely damaged during the Second World War. Those who had a chance to come here might have noticed that most of the historic area doesn’t almost have a modern building. The two quarters where this is more remarkable are Hradčany and Malá Strana: here, if you could remove cars and few other details, you can jump back to the past. Also moviemakers take advantage of this situation so Prague is frequently a location for many movies. Cinematography in Prague has always been a very well developed art with a tradition going back in times. Barrandov Studios have always been the top of the nation and for example also during the communist era many Walt Disney cartoons were made here. Although the prices get higher and higher many directors choose Prague for their movies. Among the many movies shot in Prague there are Amadeus, Mission Impossible 1, Kafka, The Shooter…

I invite movie lovers and all the Prague visitors to take a movie tour of the Magic City…

Ghost Protocol USA 2011

Locandina Tom Cruise is back in Prague for the fourth part of the saga.
The beginning is shot around Smichov station and while he jumps off the roof if you stop the frame you can see on the right side the church of Vysehrad. Then the scenes continue in the Main station of Prague.
They don’t travel to the Kremlin though. They get to the second courtyard of Prague Castle entering through the stairs on the left under the arch between the first and second courtyard and they also walk through a dark Spanish Hall the most important in the Castle. Tom escapes running in the tunnels inside the ramparts of Vysehrad going out of the brick gate reaching red square in Moscow.
The hospital is in Pštrossova street and when Tom is out of the building you can see below a small palais, guess what, it is a film school.
When he escapes he walks in Hastalske Namesti and he asks for help in Kozi street.
The car sinks in the Moldau and the shooting is from Manes bridge.

G I JOE USA 2009

Locandina Action movie filmed in LA, Paris, Prague and Norway.
The Lab De Cobray is the Danube house in Prague by the bank of the river already used in Casino Royale.
The cars pursuits between the Good and the Bad are filmed between Paris and Prague in the Josefov district Kozi, Hastalska and Vezenska and some scenes also in Prague 6 close to the university campus and around Florenc by the river around Danube House.

Brothers Bloom USA 2008

Locandina The adventure of a family conducted smuggling business around the world.
The also visit Prague and the first place you can see in Prague is the tiny square in front of the Charles Bridge in the Old Town.
Bloom and Penelope walk around the Old Town Square and they also use a pub there as their headquarter.
To plan the robbery they watch from the roof of the Schwarzenberg Palais in front of the Castle and as a diversion they explode a bomb in the tower of the Cathedral.
People gather in the same tiny square in front of the bridge to see the smoke in the Castle and in this movie they also manage to have police car on the Charles Bridge.
Bloom walks around the park below Strahov and also steals an apple…

Edith Piaf aka La mome France, UK, Czrch Republic 2007

Locandina Life and songs of Edith Piaf almost entirely shot in Paris and around the French capital city but some scene in Prague and Czech Republic.
At the beginning of the movie little Edith is in the streets U Milosrdnych e U Obecniho dvora.
The funeral after being questioned was shot in front of the church of Saint Ludmilla Namesti Miru.
The fine New York restaurant where Edith dines with Marcel is the French restaurant in the Municipal House Obecni Dum.and later gets back to her New York Hotel, The Crowne Plaza in Prague 6…
The scenes where she feels sick on stage were shot in the concert Hall of Lucerna Palace.

Casino Royale USA 2006

Locandina The latest adventure of agent 007.
The scenes before the main title were shot at the Danube House a business center close to the Hilton on the bank of the river.
M meets other agents in the library of London…but it is the Monastery of Strahov, Philosophical Hall.
Montenegro? Montenegro is in true life the town Loket for exteriors and the poker game is shot in the famous Hotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad).
The stairs of the hotel in Venice are the stairs of the National Museum of Prague.

The Illusionist USA 2006

Locandina A magic love story with a surprise at the end. The crowning prince lives in Konopiste a Castle about 30 km out of Prague. The theatre where the magician has his shows is in Vinohrady, Prague 2. Some scenes were shot also around the theatre. The magician meets his manager in the Café Imperial Na Porici 15 and later the policeman but in the inner room. A few second later you might recognize the square in front of the Prague castle at night. The end of the movie when the policeman gets the instruction for the orange tree was also shot in the square in front of the Castle.

Omen 666 USA 2006

Locandina Remake of the cult movie of the 70s. The library of the beginning is in the Monastery of Strahov, Theological hall. The American Embassy is the congress center of Prague, at Vysehrad. The first crisis of Damien is when he approaches the Church of Saint Ludmilla, Vinohrady. The Opera is the National Museum. Mr Thorn meets the priest who warns him about Damien under the Charles Bridge and later the priest dies in Kutna Hora, Cathedral of Saint Barbara. The photographer and Mr. Thorn arrive by taxi in the parking under the National Theater. Thorn tries to kill Damien in Saint Ludmilla, Vinohrady.

Revelations USA

Locandina Tv miniseries that is really the end of the world! Exteriors of Wilton Penitentiary, Massachusetts are outside the Strahov stadion. The interview with Mr Volk is in front of Rudolfinum. Dr Massay and his son walk by the bank of the river in Smichov and his son escapes from his bodyguard under the hill of Strahov. The library of the Vatican is the Philosophical Hall of the Monastery of Strahov and the meeting soon after is in the Theological Hall of the same Monastery. The following scenes were shot in Nerudova where they got attacked and they run away walking up the steps from Nerudova and Hradcanske Namesti and later in Loretanska. In the part placed in Prague the National Museum finally in this movie is the National Museum!

The Prince & Me USA 2004

Locandina One more Cinderella-like modern story. The movie starts in a pub of Parizska street. The court of Denmark is in the Monastery of Strahov, Theological hall. The big celebration where the girl meets again her prince was held in Hradcanske Namesti and they ride on a horse in Loretanske Namesti. Later they walk in Loretanska. The speech after the election was shot from the Cernin Palais, Loretanske Namesti.

Van Helsing USA 2004

Locandina USA. 2004. Horror movie where Van Helsing, the vampire hunter, has to fight against several monsters headed by Dracula. At the beginning of the movie Paris is not Paris. The first fight between Van Helsing and Mr Hide was filmed in the Old Town Square and Notre Dame is a computer trick…The village of Dracula in Transylvania was built in the suburbs of Prague, Kunratice inside a farm yard, Budapest is not Budapest but it is Kampa, under the Charles Bridge. Dracula’s party was filmed in Saint Nicholas Church, Mala Strana.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen USA 2003

Locandina Adventure movies where a league of superheroes meet to fight against evil inspired by a famous comic strip. The arrival of Allan was filmed inside and outside the Rudolfinum, Jan Palach Square. The superheroes meet in the Monastery of Strahov, Theological hall. 1 sq km of Venice was built on the grounds and warehouses of a former huge state owned company. …but the most surprising thing is that the scenes placed in Kenia were shot in the outskirts of Prague…

Shanghai knights USA 2003

Locandina USA.2003. Action movie starring Jackie Chan placed in London but partially filmed in Prague. After the scenes in the wax museum the escape from the coach was filmed in Letenska close to the Hotel at the three Ostriches. The ending scenes during the parade were shot on the Palacky bridge, Palackeho most.

Blade II 2002 USA

Locandina USA.2002. Action movie starring Wesley Snipes as a vampire terminator. This movie was shot partly in Prague. The beginning of the movie was shot in Karlin, Sokolovska Street close to the subway station Florenc. Later Blade drives through a tunnel, the tunnel under Letna. You can also see Wenceslas Square from the helicopter. When Blade meets Eli Damuskinos, head of the vampires you can see in the background a copy of the Astronomical clock of Prague! Some scenes during the day but also at night were shot around the Monastery Emmaus, Prague 2 New Town. Most of the interiors were shot in huge warehouses of CKD, a former huge state factory, Kolbenova Street, in the suburbs of Prague 9,

Dungeon and Dragons 2002

Locandina USA.2002. Fairy tale about the eternal fight between Good and Evil. The meeting between the Princess and the wise man was filmed in Saint Nicholas Church, Mala Strana. Later they search for an old parchment in the Philosophical Hall of the Monastery of Strahov, that is to say the School of Magic in the movie. The big meeting at the end of the movie was filmed in the State Opera, left of the National museum. The final scenes were shot in the Graveyard of Mala Strana at the beginning of Plzenska Street Prague 5.

Bad Company USA 2002

Locandina USA. 2002. Part of this action movie was filmed in Prague. At the beginning you might recognize the Charles Bridge filmed from Letna Hill, and Mala Strana. The antique shop is in the Mala Strana Square at the same place where you can see now the Square Café. Some scenes were shot in Thunovska and around the Zamecke schody, behind the Italian Embassy. The Hotel is the Archbishop Palace and the Schwarzenberg Palace just in front. The first meeting with the weapon dealer is on the Strelecky Ostrov, island of the shooter. The romantic dinner was filmed on the terrace Lavka under the Charles Bridge and the Olsany graveyard stars as itself in the movie. You can find it between the metro stops Flora and Želivského.metro A, green line.

XXX 2002 USA

Locandina USA 2002.American action movie starring Vin Diesel, Samuel L Jackson and Asia Argento. Most of the movie takes place in Prague and the surrounding areas and this is one of the few movies where Prague stars for itself. The beginning of the movie was shot in the Old Town Square-Staroměstské Náměstí and in the street Michalska. The arrival of XXX in Prague was shot in Nerudova and later he walks with the Czech agent along Celetna close to the Powder Tower. The headquarter of the Czech police is in the Schwarzenberg Palace in Hradčanské Náměstí close to the Prague Castle. XXX has lunch with Asia Argento in the Municipal House-Obecní Dům and soon after runs away along the stairs Radnické schody to end up being trapped in Nerudova and taken to the Rudolfinum. A night scene on the motorbike was shot on the Most Legii close to the National Theater. The end of the movie was shot along the Moldau arriving from Vyšehrad. He jumps on the motorboat close to the bridge Palackého. The army arrives in Kampa and follows the scenes from the Charles Bridge. XXX comes out from the river on the breakwater of the Charles Bridge

From Hell 2001 USA

Locandina USA 2001.This movie is based on historical events occurred in a London suburb at the end of the 19th century. Filmed in Prague and surrounding areas. The archives were Abberline-Johnny Depp searches for information are in the Schwarzenberg Palace, Hradčanské Nám, 1, in front of the Prague Castle. A little further Abberline walks along a street with trees and baroque statues: This area is in Kutna Hora, about 70 km from Prague, between the Cathedral and the former Jesuits college. Abberline visits a museum and that is the National Museum at the top of Wenceslas Square. The Monastery of Strahov was used as the interiors of Buckingham Palace during the visit to the queen and later Abberline reads a book in the Philosophical Hall. The hospital where a friend of Mary’s is taken is a real hospital in Prague 2, New Town corner between Apolinarska and Ke Karlovu. It is worth a visit! In modern gothic style made with bricks the english way. Whitechapel the London suburb where the events take place was completely built in a village outside Prague.

Les Miserables 1999 Francia

Locandina France 1999. One of the most recent movies taken from the famous book by Victor Hugo was shot in Czech Republic. Most of the movie was filmed in the city of Kutna Hora and the villages of Zatec and Vrbno. The court where the main character admits he is Jean Valjean is the Castle of Troja in the Prague suburbs. The house of Jean Valjean in Paris is in Hradčanské náměstí 8.We already know this house…it was Mozart’s house in the movie Amadeus… Lamarque’s funeral was shot in the same square.

Making love 1999 Italia

Locandina Italy 1999.A very nice movie by Ricky Tognazzi son of one of the most famous italian actors, Ugo Tognazzi. The beginning of the movie was shot near the island Kampa and the first meeting between Costanza and Jeno is in the pub O’Che’s in Liliova Street 14. Sophie’s first concert is in the Tyl or Estates theatre, Ovocní trh 1 Prague 1. Other scenes were shot on the Charles Bridge and at the Main Station. A fight in the movie was shot in Hradčanské náměstí and the nazi headquarter is the Cernin Palace in Loretanské náměstí. Other scenes were shot out of Prague and among these places is the colonnade of the spas in Marianské Lázně.

Plunkett & MacLeane UK 1998

Locandina Love and gangsters story placed in 1700.
After prison they ride on horses in the square in front of Prague Castle.
The explosive party is in the Waldstejn garden, Mala Strana.
After the ambush Plunkett is taken again in the square in front of the Castle.
At the end of the movie he is taken along Ke Hradu, to the Castle and he drinks his last drops in the crowds below Charles Bridge on th Kampa Island.

Mission Impossibile 1 USA 1996

Locandina Large part of this 1996 movie was shot in Prague, mostly near the Charles bridge. Under the bridge there is the Kampa island, which is also accessible from the bridge through the staircase. In the square below a car explodes at the beginning of the movie and Tom Cruise watches the scene from the bridge. At the end of the square on your left you might recognize the wooden gate used at the beginning of the movie after the Party. The party was filmed inside the National Museum, Václavské Náměstí Near the wooden gate if you proceed along the river you can see another black wooden gate where a person was killed. Other shots were taken in the Municipal House, Náměstí Republiky, and in the buildings nearby. A scene was shot also in the Old Town Square but the restaurant that will later explode was built only for the movie.

The Shooter

Locandina USA. This is an action movie with Dolph Lundgreen from 1995. It was filmed in the Castle area, in the Old Town, in a building at the beginning of Národní Třída Near the Adria Palace. The Rudolfinum was also used and the roofs of the Academy of Sciences near the National Theatre. Some night shots were taken near the Charles Bridge.

Immortal Beloved GB/USA 1994.

Locandina GB/USA1994. Isabella Rossellini, Gary Oldman, Valeria Golino. The composer L.V.Beethoven leaves his patrimony to his Immortal Beloved. Anton Schindler, the executor, must find who is this mysterious woman. Filmed in Prague and surrounding areas. At the beginning of the movie the funeral starts from the Schwarzenberk Palace, Hradčanské Náměstí n.1, just in front of the Castle to end in the Church of Saint Nicholas, Malá Strana. Beethoven walks with one of his women in the Valdstejn Gardens, Malá Strana and alone in Maltézské Náměstí while we listen to his monologue. In the Philosophical Library of the Strahov Monastery he speaks with a Chancellor and the Ninth Symphony was held in the Estates or Tyl Theater, Železná 11, Staré Město.


Locandina This movie came out in 1992 starring Jeremy Irons and Theresa Russell and it shows us a wonderful Prague in black and white. It was mainly shot in Malá Strana, on the Charles Bridge, in the Old Town, in the Jewish Cemetery In Marianské Náměstí you can see the New town hall used in the film as Kafka’s working place.

Howling II USA 1985

Locandina Horror movie with a ware wolf based story. In the main title you can see details of the famous astronomical clock of Prague. After a funeral the main characters meet in a graveyard shot in Plzenska Street, Smichov. In the train station of Transylvania people speak…Czech as well as the puppets at the fair…

Amadeus USA 1984

Locandina This movie won many Oscars back in 1984. The director, Miloš Forman, of Czech origin but immigrated to the USA during the communist regime, chose Prague for this movie. This movie was filmed mostly in the Hradčany and Malá Strana areas. Let’s start from Hradčany: the Theological Hall of the Strahov Monastery was used to shoot a plot Of the court members against Mozart. This hall is one of the 2 libraries of the Monastery opened to the public. We are now in the square in front of the Castle where on the opposite end at the civic number 6 there is the building used as the Mozart’s house in the film. Part of the square as well as the Karmelitská Street nearby were used several times. Let’s get closer to the Castle where just on the left side of the main entrance we can see the Archbishops’ Palace. In the halls of the first floor were shot the Balls of the Viennese court. I think that the Archbishops won’t let you in, though. We continue down to Malá Strana along the Nerudova Street where at the number 18 was shot a wig shop, where Mozart stops for shopping. In a street nearby, Thunovská, near the English Embassy the narrower part of the street with the arch was filmed several times. We are now in the Malostranské Náměstí; with the Saint Nicholas church in front; the passage to your right leading to the Tržiště street might look familiar… We go now to Valdštejnské Náměstí; the huge Baroque façade belongs to the Waldstejn Palace and one scene of a court audience was shot here but you can’t get inside unless it is weekend: it’s the Senate. You can give a look to the nice gardens of the palace open from April to October where it was shot an outdoor concert. Near the Charles bridge some streets were filmed: Míšenská, U lužického Semináře, near the Hotel At the three ostriches and in the hotel itself. In the Maltézské Náměstí was placed a Viennese market and near the Church of the Virgin Mary under the chain where now you see the Embassy of Malta, before 1989 there was the Museum of Musical Instruments, which was Salieri’s house in the film. In the movie Salieri looks out of the window and sees a ball in the Palace in front, which is the French Embassy in the little square nearby. Let’s go to Staré Město in the Husová Street; in the Church of Saint Gilles (Svatí Jiljí) where were filmed the wedding and the funeral of the composer. (I suggest to use sunglasses to protect yourself from the brightness of this Baroque). At the end of the Železná street there is the Theatre of the Estates, or Tyl which was used for the opera in the movie. For these scenes Forman used only the light of candles for a total of 5,000; 30 students were hired to light the candles for every shot. In reality Mozart chose this Theatre for the Premiere of Don Giovanni in 1787. The entrance of the theatre was filmed in front of the National Theatre on the island at the Žofin Palace. To be able to see where the last scenes of the film were shot you should take metro C (red) to the Vyšehrad stop; walk along the Congress Hall and enter the Baroque Gate called Tabor. A little further you will see the Leopold’s gate used for the scenes after the funeral. I would suggest seeing the movie after or before your trip to Prague…


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