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Pubs and Breweries

The amber-colored nectar flows like rivers in Prague. In other words Prague without pubs is like a sea without fish. Beer is the National Drink and according to an imperial ordinance of 13th century every little town in the kingdom could have its own brewery and the tradition went on and on up to the present to such an extent that in pubs water is more expensive than beer… People here can take the hardest decisions easier in front of a glass of beer that helps you to fall in deep meditation on every matter. The tourist visiting this city cannot avoid obeying the moral duty to visit such a typical place of czech culture. Just a question for you…

How much beer do Czechs drink per year?

a) enough to get drunk
b) 170 liters per year. They are the first in the world.
c) 5,5 liters.

I will tell you later the right answer. Try to guess in front of a glass of beer…

Following is a list of selected pubs but you will discover many many more wondering around the city. Just follow the instinct…

Novoměstský Pivovar New Town Brewery Vodičková 20 Prague 1

This brewery is just 400 m far from Wenceslas Square and it is all underground. In Its Middle Age cellars beer was brewed a long time ago but it came to a stop until this brewery opened in 1993. You can see the different phases of brewing in the several cellars. Plus you can enjoy a tasty czech cuisine. Beer is about 4,2° . The amount of beer you will drink here will help you sing along the czech folk songs with a nice local musician.

U Kata At the hangman U Radnice 6 Prague 1

Just close by there is the restaurant U zelené žáby At the green frog. This restaurant was the place where Jan Mydlař, the hangman of the mass execution of June 21 1621 in the Old Town Square, came to spend all the money he earned. 27 people were killed after the Battle of the White Mountain when the Habsburgs took the absolute power. Please note: no cuts on the price of beer.

U Zlatého Tygra At the golden tiger Husova 17 Prague 1

This is one of the most famous pubs in Prague. For this reason you are very lucky if you can find a seat here. If you see a vacant seat it is just because one guest went to a place where you normally go alone… Prazdroj 12° is served here. They have cellars from the 13th century and they are supposed to be the best place to store beer but beer in this country doesn’t get very old. This pub has always had famous clients. The czech writer Bohumil Hrabal, who wrote among other famous books “ I served the king of England”, spent his days here and today the players of the local hokey team are among the clients.

U Černého Vola At the Black Ox Loretánské náměstí 1 Prague 1

On the façade there is a painting of Saint Luke; it was the name of this old house that hosts one of the most typical czech pubs. It is a very small pub. The second room, the Knights Hall due to all the emblems of noble families hanging on the walls, is the biggest. Long wooden tables are typical in this kind of pubs and sitting together with other clients is a czech habit. Maybe you will meet some interesting people… Cold plates are served here and they help a lot while you drink all your beers. This is a pub with local clients, mostly.

U Vystřeleného oka At the shot eye U Božich bojovniků 3 Prague 3 Žižkov

The name of the pub comes from Jan Žižka leader of the Hussites armies who won a battle in the first half of 1400 on the hill above this pub. They shot his eye in a battle. The interior of this pub, opened in 1993, is decorated in a very nice and personal way by a local artist who interpreted the life of this Hussite leader in a funny way. Don’t miss in the men toilette a very useful piece of art after many beers… Cold and warm plates are served together with Prazdroj and Gambrinus, two of the most favorite czech beer among locals. Barmen are very nice.

I guess you want to know the right answer to my question.

Well it is the B but also counting babies and non drinkers…

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