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Bologna - Praga - Miami They are four, they ride centaurs but they Don’t announce Apocalypse. On the contrary They bring a message of peace, humanity and Fellow-feeling Italian style. Fabio, ex chief publisher of an Italian famous Italian newspapers is the mind of this tour and His task is to translate into words this nice Experience; Alessandra famous land agent Chose an experience across many lands and All in motion; Greta ex TV announcer and Model decided to move to the other side of the Lens and her tasks in this tour is taking Pictures; Iago through his third eye, his video Camera, will shoot every frame of this adventure for those who stay home and can’t be with them. They are touring the world crossing three continents driving 42.000 km for 5 months. They left from Bologna, North Italy on May 5th and will arrive in Miami, USA on sept. 29th. Prague was one of their first stop just at the beginning of this long tour. Wee met by chance: while I was going home after the end of a tour I noticed 2 black Nissan Terrano 3.0 full of interesting signs and stickers. I approached these cars and saw 2 people staring at a map looking for a hotel so I took them there. We were then together the whole evening and the day after so I showed them the hidden Prague that you can’t find in guidebooks and magazines. During our night tour they also got a ticket from the Prague Municipal Police who maybe wanted to be somehow part of this adventure. They were sending to Italy important articles and pictures when they got one of those tickets that you wouldn’t like to keep in your travel journal…

A spontaneous friendship blossomed among us and I am happy that I was able to give my contribution, though small, to this great venture.

Bologna Miami stopped in Prague…

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Prague, May 11th 2002

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