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If you are interested in the styles from the end of 1800 and beginning of 1900 (Art Nouveau, Neo-gothic, Neo-Baroque, Neo-Renaissance…) this district is worth a visit. During the reign of Charles IV this hill, as many others in Prague, was covered with vineyards. The name still preserves this old aspect of the area. During the 17th century many botanic gardens rose in this area; they were later closed in the 19th century to free the space for the newly born community of Vinohrady founded in 1879. The town planning was started at the beginning of 1900 and in 1922 this area became part of Prague.

How to get there.

We take Green line (A) and get off at Jiřího z Poděbrad, where we start our walk.
If you want to take an extra trip get off at Želivského (second stop from here). Right out of the metro you will see the New Jewish Cemetery where Kafka and Max Brod rest in peace face to face. To find them walk in and turn right walking along the wall until you reach the second gate.

Jiřího z Poděbrad Square.

This square takes its name from George of Poděbrady the Bohemian king elected by the Hussites in 1458. In this square we can see the Church of the Sacred Heart by J.Plečnik, the architect who restored the Castle during the First Republic. The church dates back to 1928-1932 and it is a résumé of the ancient styles as for example the clock that represents the rose window of a gothic cathedral or the base inspired by ancient temples. From here we walk to the telecommunications tower.

Telecommunications tower.

This tower was built in the 80s and at that time it was much criticized because it had spoiled the landscape of the city. Thus it was nicknamed the “Rocket of Vinohrady” or with a higher irony “Husak’s finger” (Husak being the last communist president). Guess which finger then…

The tower is 216 m high and it’s possible to go up for a nice view. Entrance fees: adults 120 kc; children 60 kc. At the height of 65 m there is a restaurant and a cafeteria and at 93 m there is an overlook level with a nice view of the region in clear days. I suggest going there in the morning to have the good light towards the city center.

For further information: Tower

From the tower, in Ondříčkova Street we go up to Slavikova and turn to Mánesova. This is a nice street with wonderful façades. We walk down and then turn to Anny Letenské crossing Vinohradská.We walk along Šubertova to get to Náměstí Míru, Peace Square. Náměstí Míru is one of the main squares of Vinohrady. In the middle of this square there is the Church of Saint Ludmilla, Neo-gothic 1888-1893 by J.Mocker. There is also the Theater of Vinohrady, a very nice example of Art Nouveau 1905-1909. From here we take Jugoslávská to get to I.P.Pavlova metro Red Line C. If you still have time walk around the streets on the left of Jugoslávská. They are really worth a visit.

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