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With more than 70 km of subway,
More than 140 km of tramlines,
and 400 km of bus lines,
the city of Prague is well served by public transportation.


The subway has 3 lines: A (Green); B (Yellow); C (Red)

It’s easy to use, goes almost everywhere in the center and the suburbs. When you get to the train level you will find trains on your left and right; look up and you will find a sign telling you all the stops. The stops where you are staying is marked with a different color so you can easily find your final destination, going either right or left. The 3 lines cross each other so there are stations with 2 lines and the way from one line to the other are well marked. All the stops are announced with a microphone and the message is one of the sentences that everybody will try to remember and understand: Ukončete výstup a nástup, dveře se záviraíi Přísti stanice…
Stop getting on and off,doors are closing.Next stop…

The subway runs from about 5.00 am to midnight and form midnight to 5.00 there are the night buses which make the same stops of the subway. They run every 40 minutes. Their numbers are from 501 to 512.


Trams have a wide coverage of the urban area There are day trams with lower numbers and night trams with higher numbers from 50 up Stops are announced on trams, too but only the name of the stops where you are and the following one. Zástávka means stop. The best tram to visit the city is the 22, which covers most of the historic center.


Buses runs mostly in the suburbs connecting subway stations with other suburbs but there are several lines around downtown, too. One of the most useful buses is the 119.

Useful tips from the airport to the city.

The cheapest way is by bus 119; you will find it in front of the arrival terminal on the second platform. This bus will take you to the end stop of subway A. In addition bus 100, 179 and 225 will take you to different stops on line B Yellow. Plus the AE Airport express will take you directly to the railway station Nadrazi Holesovice for a fee of 45 KC per adult and 25 Kc per children 6 to 15 years including baggage fee. Should your baggage exceed the normal size of airplane cabin you must buy a ticket for the extra luggage of 13 Kc.

Another way if you have a lot of baggage is to use the minibus AIRPORT-CENTRUM CEDAZ, just in front of you to the right outside the terminal. The cost is 150 kc if you take the regular line which stops in Náměstí Republiky ( Subway line B). In this case the bus will take you to the your hotel. For a little more expensive fee try Prague Airport Shuttle and Airport Transfers Prague

There are also the airport taxis in front of the terminal but they are more expensive.


There are 2 kinds of tickets:

12 CZK Adults 32 kc adults, 16 kc child 6 to 15 years
This ticket allows you 75 minutes (one and half during weekends or holidays). You can change lines and subway provided that you don’t go out of the area.

8 CZK Adults 24 kc adults – 12 kc child 6 to 15 years
One way ticket for 20 minutes and only 5 metro stops.

If you are planning longer stay I suggest the time coupons. You are entitled to unlimited use of the transportation system for the time of the ticket:

Time coupon 1 day 110 kc
3 days 310 kc

For maps of the transportation system and schedule you can visit: There is also the English version.
For a map of Prague both graphic and picture visit:


The official rates for taxis are:
40 kc basic fare
28 kc per km
5 kc per minute when not in motion

Unfortunately if you can’t speak the language they will charge you higher prices. Avoid parked taxi; it’s better to stop them on the street. Refuse to pay if the driver doesn’t give you a receipt. Always make sure that the fare on the taximeter correspond to the one price list in front of you. Beware of fake taxi: they have the same sign as taxis but they are not and will charge you higher prices. They are usually parked In the Prague castle Square.

Reliable taxi company: Profitaxi 261314151; AAA* Radio taxi 222333222 City Taxi 257257257
*Pay attention to the difference between the reliable company AAA and the other AAA s.r.o charging 4 times more than the official price taking advantage of the similar name…


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