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Magic Prague (…or, how your wallet can disappear…)

Magic Prague, Prague of the hundred spires or “the cute Mom with her clutches that will never let you go” as Kafka named it…

Prague is a fascinating city and it’s one of the favorite destinations in Europe. With a few precautions you can have a more pleasant stay in this city. Being a worldwide known destination for tourists there are also the side activities and I am talking about pickpocket who work undisturbed in the city center; a little more precaution can avoid unpleasant consequences:

Their favorite places are: The square in front of the Charles bridge in the Old Town at the traffic light and down to Karlova to the Old Town Square. tram 22 mostly in Mala Strana; in this case they will let all the passengers take on and they will push to enter: while they push they help themselves. Some others are commuting from Narodni Trida and Narodni Divadlo; in these two cases they are large groups of men and women. The most dangerous are those staying near the hotels: they are generally 3 and the first approaches you to offer black change (always avoid it if you don’t want bad surprises), of course you will refuse and here come the others pretending to be police officers that want to check your wallet to see if you changed the money. You can guess what’s next. NO POLICEMAN HAS THE RIGHT TO CHECK YOUR WALLET FOR ANY REASON.

Some tips to avoid pickpocket

In the event that in spite of this tips you were robbed get ready to wait long lines at the police and at your Embassy. Always go there with your pictures they might be useful.

Following are the addresses of the Police stations in the city center. You must go to the nearest station to the place where you got robbed. Be very patient because it usually takes long long time.

Nové Město Police for foreigners headquarter. Jungmannovo náměstí 9 Praha1 (Wenceslas Square).
Staré Město Once you have your report you can go to your Embassy. Wish you good luck!

Most of the city guidebook write about U Fleku one of the oldest brewery and pub; drop a visit, it’s a nice place; enjoy a couple of beers (very good) but don’t eat there: the service and the food are not so good. In addiction waiters are not so kind. Another place, which doesn’t deserve the Name it has, is U Kalicha Czech cuisine has few typical plates that you can find in every Czech restaurant. Why pay more to be in a famous place with a bad service when there are better places? The general tip is to stay away from main streets, choosing the side corners or just escape tourist areas. You will eat better and without being robbed.

Have a pleasant holiday!

Taxi, a Prague nightmare

Getting a taxi can waste your day in Prague, since Prague taxi drivers are very famous for their bad behavior and overpricing. Visit transportation system to get more information.

Places to avoid

Generally the districts of the city center as well as the suburbs are safe. Stay away from Wenceslas Square to avoid pickpockets on their night shift and prostitutes even though things are getting better now. You can have a pleasant stay with the same precautions you would use in your hometown.

Enjoy your stay!

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