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?????? What should I buy??????

Everybody on a trip has this doubts and questions. Bringing home a souvenir, an object to remind the places once home and refresh memories. Prague offers a wide range of souvenirs able to fill the baggage of any kind of tourist. Just to make you feel more comfortable Shops in the city center are opened also during the weekend …
Shops are generally opened from 10 to 18 and in the city center up to 20 most of all from April to October.
Now that you feel better we can start… Reading magazines and guide books of Prague I noticed that they suggest in many cases the most expensive shops so I would like to give you some good advices. Among the classics of Prague we have crystals, pottery, porcelains and garnets. If you think you can make good investments and deals, well you have arrived with years of delay. The tourism business caused a raise in prices but few shops have kept decent prices.

You will see Amber in almost every shop but this has nothing to do with Prague because together with the hats and the Matryoshkas are part of the Third Russian Invasion {after 48,68} and the only reason for they are here is due to the Tourism Business.


I do not want to do it too technical but Crystal must have 24% of lead otherwise we have Cristallino with 18% and then glass. Crystal itself is not just one because there is the handmade and the one made in automatic production. You can choose either one according to what you want to pay. One out of two shops of Prague sells crystal but there is still a naive commerce so you can find a very wide price range in the same street. If you aim high the best place is Moser with two shops in the city center. The best is Na Přikope 12 Praha 1 Nové Město with very nice interiors. The second is in Malé Náměstí 11 Praha 1 Staré Město. Both shops are opened from 10 to 20 during weekdays and to 19 during weekends.


Pottery is generally handmade by local artists and there are many shops in the city center. The most convenient are in Celetna close to the Old Town Square and Melantrichova, the street connecting Wenceslas Square with Old Town Square. The keyword is KERAMIKA


Czech porcelain is very close to the German type Meissen white and blue. In Czech language the best is the cibulova due to decorations that look like onions but they are pomegranate instead. The best shop is in Vinohrady close to the metro stop IP Pavlova Line C Red.. Off the subway station just walk up to the church you see in front of you. Dům Porcelánu Praha Jugoslávská 16 Praha 2 .You will find three stories of porcelain but also crystal at very reasonable prices. A must for porcelain.


Semi precious red colored stones casted on silver or gold plated jewellery. Gold is 14 Carats because it hold better the stones. Jewels with very small stones are 100% Czech while biggest stones are imported from Thailand and added here. The best place to buy them is the directory factory store Granat Turnov Dlouha 30 Prague 1 or the same but smaller in Panska 1 Prague 1.Closed on Saturday afternoon and Sundays.

A very good place for shopping is Alfa Gallery Uhelny trh 11 Prague 1. I am a client too, shall we meet there? You can find very nice pieces of art by local artists at reasonable prices

As regard as local handicrafts I would suggest the shops Manufactura. There are several all around the city but the biggest is in Melantrichova the tiny street from Wenceslas Square to the Old Town square. manufaktura Visit the web page You will find wood handicrafts most of all toys, ginger bread objects, scented handmade soaps pottery and painted eggs.

Painted eggs are not only a Czech tradition but they are very popular for Easter. They are real eggs emptied and painted with different techniques. having in common a strong patience… The best shop for painted eggs is in Wenceslas Square 10 in the courtyard. Opened every day from 10 to 18.

You might also want to visit the market in Havelská street. Good place to get inspiration for shopping. Opened from 10 to 18 and to 17 in wintertime.


Pop and Rock international music costs almost the same as elsewhere SIGH! You can find classics and jazz by local artists at good prices. The best music store in town is Bontonland Megastore Wenceslas Square 1 Prague 1 Palace Koruna underground levels. You will find everything!

Looking for used CDs? Two good address for you:
Bazar CD Jindřišska 17 Praha 1 Monday-Friday 9-19 Saturday 10-14.
CD Bazar Krakovská 4 Praha 1 Monday Friday 9-19 Saturday 10-13.


Most of the bookshops sell book in foreign languages. Good tips::
Nove Mesto, New TownCittà Nuova:
Palác knih Wenceslas Square 41
Kanzelsberger Bookstore Wenceslas Square 1- Everyday from 9 to 20 and same bookstore up to number e 42
opened from8 to 19 and Saturday from 9 to19 Bookstore Na Můstku Na Příkopě 3

Old Town
Kafkovo knihkupectví Old Town Square 12
House at the Black Madonna Celetna 34

Antique and used books

The keyword in Czech is ANTIKVARIAT. Those shops have used and rare books, prints, postcards and collectibles. There are not so many in the city center but in the New Town, Dlážděná ( Tram 3,5,14,24,26 stop Masarykovo Nádraží) you will find 3 in a 200 m long street .Opened 9-18 Saturday 9-13.

Collectibles, Antique shops

Antique shops in the center raised the prices too much and finding a good deal is getting harder and harder. Good places are still bazaars and second hand dealers. Keyword in Czech VETEŠNICTVÍ. Or BAZAR. The best in the center full of interesting objects is at the tram stop (6,9,22,23) Újezd in Malá Strana.

Flea Markets

The biggest flea market in Prague is every Saturday and Sunday from 6 to 13 in the T-Mobile Park Prague almost in front of the metro station Kolbenova, Yellow line B or tram 19 same stop. Entrance fee 10 Kc
This flea market stands where there were the big warehouses of the state own company CKD. Some of them have not been turned down and they became movie sets. For detail visit my page Prague and cinema

There is another flea market during weekends in the Technical college of Prague. Visit this web page for detail:
If you want to drive out of Prague the Bustehrad flea market is very popular. Not far from the Prague airport.
Visit this web page for details:
( dále means forward to get to the map in the web page)
If you happen to be in Plzeň, Sorry Pilsen the German way on Friday here is a flea market for you. For details: Plzen flea market
I can also guide you for a bazar tour. Contact me

Shopping centers

Shopping centers and growing all around Prague and also in the suburbs. Tesco and Carrefour are also in convenient location in the center or close to metro stations.
TESCO is also in Národní Třída opened everyday. You can buy here all you forgot home… The best shopping mall in the city center is Palladium on Namesti Republiky.


The favorite market of locals is Pražska Tržnice, a huge area where back in 1800 stood the city slaughter house in Prague 7. Metro stop Vltavska and 1 tram stop by 1,3,5,25.

What about some gastronomic-ethylic tips?

The “spirits “ of Prague

The most famous spirit is a distillate made out of 23 herbs, BECHEROVKA (age 18+ to enter), 38° with a strong taste of cinnamon and clove. Czech Republic as well as other countries in central Europe produces Slivovice a plum based liquor but it is very famous for Absinthe the liquor that drove crazy the French poets Baudelaire, Rimbaud and Verlaine and more recently killed the police inspector Johnny Depp in Jack The Ripper, From Hell ,also filmed in Prague and surrounding areas.

Here is one of the best but this is the most famous
Make your choice…
Not so famous but what a nice taste….I am talking about Medovina a honey based liquor from a very old recipe. The best is hořká mandlová. You can give a look here and then look for them in shops. Medovina, The only “take away” sweets are Lazenske Oplatky , or in English Spas Wafers. Two very thin wafers filled with flavored powder. You can buy them in 10 pieces boxes and they come in different flavors. You can see on web page how they look like. I recommend a very nice dessert, not take away but you can taste it in many café and restaurant .It is made out of honey and cream and it tastes very very good. This is its ID: Medovnik.

Have a nice shopping day in Prague!

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