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Prague is one of the most visited capital cities of Europe and the tourist structures are ready to satisfy every tourist.Unfortunately not all of you can stay in this city for long time to have a deep tour and appreciate all the aspects of Prague.Most of you might have a longer weekend, that’s to say three days at the most, good enough to have an overview of the city.

When is the best time?

Prague has a different charm in each season so it really depends on your favorite climate. Anyway the best times of the year are late spring and the beginning of autumn. Winters are generally cold with the lowest temperatures in December and January when the thermometer can get down to the 20s or 10s F. Summers are not very hot and the highest temperatures, generally in July and August, can raise for few weeks up to the 85-90 F, for the rest of the time the climate is mild. I suggest to come here equipped for every temperature because the weather changes fast.

For the current weather forecast visit:

How to get here

I guess that if you are staying here only three days you will choose the fastest way, by plane. Many airlines have direct or connection flights to Prague and you can also find low cost connections to most of the European cities. Visit WHICHBUDGET.

To find out how to reach the city center, please, go to the Transportation system section of this Site.


You will arrive to one of these stations:

Hlavní Nádraží: Central Station
Nádraží Holešovice: Station of Holešovice

Both stations are on the C Red line of the Subway so from there it’s easy to reach your final destination


Don’t forget to buy the Highway tax stickers at the custom or at gas stations. It’s important! The 10-day sticker costs 350 Crowns, 440 per 2 months and 1500 per year.

Caravan, Motorhome

You can find many campgrounds out of the city center and many of them are in good places close to the public transportation. One of the best and not so far from the center is the Camping sokol Troja Trojska 171 Prague 7 By bus 112 you can get to the subway station Nadrazi Holesovice, Line C Red, or directly from there by tram 17 to the center. There are several smaller campgrounds nearby. Again in the suburbs Trio Camp Ústecká Ulice 184 00 Praha 8 Dolní Chabry. Bus 162 to subway B line Kobylisy. Open all year round. More out in the suburbs you will find Camping sokol Národníhrdinů 290 Praha 9 Dolní Počernice. They have a free shuttle bus to the nearest bus stop or for a minimum fee to the subway station. Opened from April to October. Camp Drusus Třebonice Praha 5 is the closest to the highway to Pilsen. You can get to the subway station Luka yellow line by bus 249. Opened from April to October. Should you arrive from Linz or Brno you can find on your way Campoase Zlatníky-Libeň.Opened from April to October. From the same direction but closer to the city is camp Prager Small, clean and family owned.Convenient subway station just 2 short stops by bus. Opening time from May to September. Campdzban K Aritma, Nad lavkou 5, Praha 6 Not far from the Airport in a nice area. Tram 20 or 26 are nearby and will get you to the subway station Dejvická.Line A Green. Opened all year round. You can find here further information on campgrounds in Czech Republic

Travelling with Disabled

Visit this webpage

How to get around

Please visit the Transportation system section of this Site.

Changing money

Walking around the city you will find many change offices with appealing offers such as NO COMMISSION, 0% COMMISSION and so on. I do hope you don’t think people work for free. In spite of the advertisement you will be charged with a commission from 20 to 22 %. Avoid these private change offices and look for real banks. Beware of people offering to change money on the streets: either they will give you fake money or they will just simply run away with your wallet. For other tips regarding safety during your trip please visit Magic Prague Most of the hotel change money with a commission from 4 to 7% so the best solutions are banks. The most common in Prague is Komerční Banka with branch offices all around. Selected shops and also street markets now accept Euro. I would suggest using local money anyway.
For those of you flying to Prague ATM machines are “hidden” in the arrival hall at the far far right end.

How long should I stay in Prague?

It really depends on how in deep you want to visit the city but I think that you should stay here a minimum of 3 days. If you want to take it easy plan a week or 10 days if you want to plan trips outside the city.

How should I plan my walks?

You can follow the tips I placed in the section The Must of Prague and 1000 faces of the Magic City.

Trips outside Prague

Czech Republic is like the Web. The more you visit the more you discover. Every little village and town has its castle or Palace and natural landscapes are fascinating. You can visit several castles in a circle of about 30-50 km outside Prague: Karlstejn is nice outside but there is not so much to see inside. The interiors of Konopiste are far more richer with many many hunting trophies and weapons. Melnik has nice baroque interiors and a very nice position on a hill facing the merging of the Moldau and the Elbe. Cesky Sternberk has also baroque interior and Count Sternberk still lives there.

Further information on czech castles:

There is a concentration camp at about 70 km NW of Prague. Terezin better known with its german name Theresinstadt.

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