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La mia foto Ciao!

My name is Alberto, I am 51 and I am Italian. In 1986, I graduated from a high school specialized in foreign languages where I learned English and French; they tried to teach me German, too, but they didn't succeed. Later I took a course in professional photography. I worked almost 6 years as a photographer and assistant photographer, mostly for advertising, fashion and commercial pictures. Everything went on smoothly until...

It was August 17, 1990 and I was on a day trip to Venice to take some pictures about tourism. As I was wandering along the channels, looking for the best shots, I noticed a very pretty girl standing on a bridge. I asked if I could take a picture of her. She was just about to leave because her parents were waiting for her so I only had the time to find out that she was a student from Czechoslovakia. I didn't even know her name! When I went back home I decided I wanted to see this girl again so I visited the Czechoslovakian Chamber of Commerce and asked for every useful address. I wrote to all of them and sent the picture taken in Venice saying that I wanted to see that girl again. Of course everybody made fun of me but I didn't give up. Three months later I received a letter from the Czech Ministry of Education, containing the girl's address. Finally she had a name: Anna.

It was February 1991 and I went to Prague for the first time on Easter of the same year. One very special evening I went to see the girl; the whole family was home. I gave a copy of the picture taken in Venice to Anna. At that moment, the best part of my life began - a wonderful friendship with this special family was blossoming. I fell in love with Prague at first sight and my affection was going to deepen each of the ten times I visited in the following years - both for short and long periods and always staying at Anna's home.

I moved to Prague in February 1994. Anna's family helped me a lot in the beginning. Everything was difficult. The language was the biggest challenge but I learned quite a lot step by step and now I can handle discussions on every topic. As soon as I realized that my knowledge of Czech was good enough, I took a course to become a tour guide. I passed all the exams and started working in July 1996.

During the years I have spent visiting and later living in Prague, I have gotten to know its many corners. I have been to places some locals don't even know about. Because I am a foreigner, I know what it is like to see Prague with a tourist's eyes. Having lived in Prague for six years and having discovered new things every day, I feel that I know so much more about it than I ever would if I never moved there. When I show visitors around Prague, I always try to tell them more than they would find in their guidebook and I take them to places they may otherwise pass without knowing about their hidden treasures. As a photographer, I have had the opportunity to meet many of Prague's prominent residents and focus on some of Prague's architectural details that so often remain unnoticed.
I chose my profession to be able to share with others the deep love that I feel for Prague. I wish that each one of you might have a chance to visit this wonderful city!




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If you are coming to Prague for business or for a short trip you don’t have so much time to visit the city. In this case the section Three days in Prague will be useful for you with a basic program to use your time at the best. You can use this tips together with the itineraries in the section The must of Prague and you can find out how to get around Prague here. Please take a few minutes to read the section Magic Prague to avoid pickpockets and other bad encounters while enjoying your Prague walks. Basic information on how to prepare your trip to Prague are in the section Planning your trip. I believe you can understand Prague better reading its history. Take few minutes to read Sketches of czech history You will find information on Prague architecture art and history also in the sections The must of Prague and 1000 faces of the Magic City. If you stay longer you might consider visiting the many museums and art galleries of Prague. For further information go to Museums and galleries. The section The thousand faces of the magic city offers you various approaches to visit Prague in a different way. If you are not too tired because of your daily schedule you can plan something at night following the tips in Prague Cultural and Night life. I love movies so I wrote an article about movie locations. Many movies are being shot here in Prague and this could be a different way of visiting the city. Go to Prague at the movies. You can plan a tour of your favourite film shot in Prague. This way you will remember Prague watching a movie and you will remember the movie because you visited Prague. I also have a section with many pictures of Prague I took around during these years. Visit Picture gallery. Visit the links page. You can find useful addresses to other pages about Prague. I think I put a lot of useful information for your trip to Prague in my web page but of course this page cannot replace a guided tour. Should you decide to book me for a tour of Prague go to Book a Tour. A guided tour of Prague will help you understand in deep the city unlike a normal walk around.

I would be glad if you place your ideas and comments about my web page or about your trip to Prague in the section Your Prague.

Thank you for visiting my web page and enjoy your trip!


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